About Us

We are a fifth generation Century Farm that has been lucky enough over the 100 years to have been able to support our families soley from agriculture.  Over the years we have had up to 450 cows and less grain land but as times have changed we have had to adapt to suit the needs of our families.  Our farm now consists of 120 purebred Charolais cows and about 5000 seeded acres of crop land.   We started with our purebreds over thirty years ago from a very well established cowherd. Our purebreds consist of females that are culled and scutinized hard.  Since the beginning we have watch many trends come and go, however we are very excited at where the Charolais breed is now.

 We thank you for taking the time to assess our cowherd and welcome you to our website!



Wow, how time flies.  Kids grow up too fast!


Kasey & Arlana Phillips