Females Meet the girls.

Our cowherd has been a labour of love for over thirty years.  A lot of cows have come and gone in that time but what has emerge is a set of solid, sound, and productive group of females worth being proud of. We expect our cows to breed back while producing an offspring that will fit into our herd or be marketable.   Our herdsires are selected for qualities that will compliment the cows.  Once we have selected a herdsire our cows are bred naturally and AI’ed to add consistency to the annual calf crop.   Many half and ¾ sisters make up the nucleus to what produces our consistent bull pen.  Our cows are available to be viewed at any time, and what you will find are a herd of cows that are very consistent, heavy milking, productive females.   We rarely sell any females, if she is good enough to sell than we feel that she should be added back into the cow herd.  We would love nothing more than tour you through our cowherd.